DESIGN: Landscape and Construction

From the moment of our client’s initial contact to the completion of the project we work with them to create what fits their needs and budget. The process begins with a site visit where we can help you explore your options.

Our design services include planting and structure design,





outdoor lighting

, and

drainage layouts

. Renderings can be plotted through computer aided drafting software and presented on-site.

We will prepare and present the design and then produce an overall proposal detailing installation budgets. The planning process serves as a road map, allowing large jobs to be correctly phased and reducing costly duplication of work in the future.

Landscape Design

Designs can range from general to detailed:
  • Spray out

    ” painted onsite
  • Quick


  • CAD based plans

  • 3D modeling

View our other services at: Call: 678-796-2008 for information on our landscape and construction design services.

Archstone, Inc. is located in Carrollton, Georgia and serves throughout the state including








, and


. Although the majority of our projects are found in western Georgia, we donít believe geography should limit great design/build opportunities. We travel throughout the state and southeastern U.S. to provide our services.